30 Times Working on a House Ended Epic Failure

Owning a house can be a big responsibility. For many of us, it is one of if not the biggest purchases we make during our adult lives. Being a homeowner also comes with some expenses, on top of just purchasing and paying for the home. Even with a brand new or recently built house, there are still maintenance repairs that will be needed over time. From your roof to your yard, your air conditioning unit to your water heater, there can be many costly repairs associated with owning a house.

Some people are handy and able to do work and repairs on their own, others have to rely on contractors or companies to do the work for them. It's important to do a little leg work and check out who it is you're hiring for work on your home because it could wind up being a huge mess and big headache if you hire someone who isn't truly qualified or capable of getting the job done. Check out this batch of pics that captured moments when doing a little home improvement or fixing up the house turned into a nightmare.
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