30 Neckbeard Posts That Should Be Burned in Fire

The neckbeard is a special sort of cringe lord . The recipe to craft a neckbeard requires: one part overestimation of self, two parts detachment from reality, three parts fear of women and seven parts basic cringe. Mix all that together and a few minutes later, emerging from the gloop, will be one hefty, neckbearded male with a penchant for anime girls and excessively-nuanced opinions on the age of consent.

If any of the posts down below resonate with any part of your soul, most doctors recommend taking a long look in the mirror, saying your goodbyes to your discord server and finding an isolated desert island for you and your waifu pillow to stay as far away from the rest of society as possible.

Seriously, after a few scrolls you'll be able to smell the pics down below. If you don't... well... we've got bad news for you: it might be the same reason people who own dogs can't smell them anymore.
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