30 Terrifying Pics We Found While Snooping around Satan’s Bedroom

We decided to take a short field trip down to the underworld, and we instantly regretted everything we found.

You'd think the devil would have is sh*t together based on the fact that he rules over the entirety of Hell. Some sense of propriety and dignity. Nope. From the terrifying to the confusing. From the disturbing to the macabre. From the "oh no" to the "WTF." It's all in this gallery.

Do you think we like showing you these nightmare-inducing galleries? I mean...we do, but that's not the point. We have to keep you on your toes somehow. It's getting a little chummy in here lately.

We'd ask you to proceed with caution, but honestly nobody warned us. So dive right in! I will say that we accidentally let a large insect loose somewhere in this article, so if you see a crawling thing that's about the size of your entire hand that's probably it. Good luck!
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