34 Lying People Getting Called Out Online

These attention seekers are looking for some fake brownie points from strangers online. These people who think we can't tell when they've made up a story are too far up their butts to know night from day.

But we all know they sit on a throne of lies! Whenever the truth becomes something that serves your own interests and not the interests of everyone, maybe it's not really the truth. Nothing new here, just fakes, frauds and liars, using the world wide web to infect you with their deceit and treachery.

When the liars start spouting their lies, the trolls come in to knock them down a peg. There's nothing quite like a tall glass of internet justice to get the day started. It goes great with a plate of roasts and a pile of memes. OK, but seriously, this is just a list of a bunch of people trying to pull off some pretty stupid lies and getting caught in the process. Not much more to say about it.
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