30 People Who Regret Requesting to be Roasted

Yikes, that's definitely gonna need some ointment, or even a full-blown trip to the burn ward.

One of Reddit's funnier and more entertaining subreddits is the /r/roastme subreddit. People take a photo of themselves holding a sign that typically says "Roast me" or "/r/RoastMe" inviting other Reddit users and members of the subreddit to fire their best shot at them. A lot of the time it is just funny and light-hearted jokes and insults, but occasionally there are some truly mean and savage ones mixed in. You may feel bad for laughing at some of these jokes and insults but keep in mind these folks literally asked for it.

Getting roasted isn't typically one of those things you necessarily want people to do to you. However, on the internet, it's been a favorite pastime of users from all over the world. Having a complete stranger pick apart things about you might not seem like a good time but it has generated some hilarious memes and one-liners. Check out this batch of funny roasts that had some of the victims second-guessing their decision

These folks asked to be roasted, and they got served up extra-crispy.
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