22 People Who Need to Go Back to Elementary School

The internet is full of all kinds of people. When you see a post in English, you naturally assume that person has a grasp on the language. These hilariously ridiculous spelling fails beg to differ. This is why you stay in school kids.

There is perhaps no bigger ego boost to one's own intelligence than scouring the internet, and marveling at the lack of basic academic or critical thinking skills on display there. Perhaps it speaks to the American education system, perhaps to American society, or perhaps deep down to American natural stupidity, but it seems from time to time we are pre-disposed to more of this kind of behavior than the majority of other developed nations. We can't spell, can't do math, definitely can't do geography, and yet act surprised when the people we vote into public office display those very same qualities back to us. Here are 27 of those people who might need to go back to school. And their vote counts the same as ours.

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