30 People Share The Rare Genetic Anomalies That Make Them Unique

We are all, each and every one of us precious meat bags with eyes, unique.

But some are more unique than others. Some of us were born with exceedingly rare genetic anomalies that make us extra-special. Kind of like Jeff, an intern we had last summer. Jeff was a hard worker. Jeff was always on time, dressed professionally and made sure all of the mundane and sadistic tasks we gave him were completed expediently and efficiently. Jeff was great. Except Jeff also had a secret mutation that allowed him to unhook his jaws, much like a snake, and swallow a person whole. Head to toe.

Jeff was special. But instead of using his special ability to create a YouTube channel called Can He Swallow It?, Jeff misused this miraculous talent for evil purposes, consuming four other interns and our CFO's schnauzer before anybody checked the CCTV cameras.

While nobody was sad to see Mr. Fluffington go, the continued disappearance of several interns necessitated an increasing police presence at eBaums World Headquarters and a lot of questions that made our silent and definitely human partners rather uncomfortable.
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