30 Health Conscious Transformations That Totally Paid Off

These people knew what they wanted, and worked their hardest to get there.

I will always applaud people who exercise and work out. Not because I'm a gym rat or a hardo, but just the opposite. I enjoy going out Friday night and drinking 13 beers. I love eating chicken wings hungover on my couch all Sunday long. I'm nowhere near as motivated as the people in this gallery.

So yeah, I'm impressed. And it's not even about weight loss. If you feel like you want to get healthy just for the sake of being healthy. There is nothing wrong with that.

So kudos to all of these people for sticking to their guns. Whether it's weight loss, gaining muscle, or just living a better life than you did when you were a teen. It's all about how you feel about yourself. So we've collected 30 before and after pics that should absolutely be applauded. Enjoy.
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