30 Funny Randoms For Your Enjoyment

Our crack crew of unpaid interns spends day and night, on very little sleep and enormous amounts of chocolate-covered coffee beans, ensuring that only the dankest of the dank make the cut. If these memes fail to provide you the requisite dankness or you are in any unsatisfied with them, please enjoy this batch of dank memes -- on the house!

And keep in mind that there's always more to come with another day, another collection of dank memes from your friends on the internet. When life gives you memes, you laugh and share them with a friend. And if the day's got you down, then you've come to the right place.

So sit back, relax, and scroll through this fresh set of dank memes collected from the web that won't treat You like Amber treats a bed. When life hands you memes, you have a laugh. So here is a fresh batch of some of the best memes we've seen this week to help you get through the day.
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