30 Sad Secrets That Could Destroy Lives

Everybody has their secrets. Everybody. We do things we're not proud of, like eating an entire cheesecake, alone, in a silent room. Or being most excited for the weekend because it means not interacting with another person for a glorious 48 hours. Or running an underground clone factory in your basement so you can send copies of yourself into work. Or, you know, other things that we definitely don't do.

And, understandably, you'd rather keep those things to yourself. You lie, whether with outright fiction or by omission. We keep it things quiet. But not all secrets are created equal.

Down below we've got some real bombs. Some nuclear secrets to raise the hair on the back of your neck. The kind of secrets that end marriages, destroy lives or -- possibly put people behind bars. The kind of secrets you might be better off not knowing. Because, sometimes, ignorance truly is bliss.

Kind of makes you wonder if there's anything you don't know.
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