30 Tattoos That Have Aged Poorly

There are plenty of absolutely horrible tattoos, and you can find pictures of quite a few of them in many different places. Those tattoos often share some similar qualities. Horrible ideas, quite poor craftsmanship, and a generally poor planning process that led a regrettable decision that only sticks with you for the rest of your life.

These tattoos fall into the first category of poor ideation. Well, depending on your idea of humor. Many of these tattoos actually sport impressive artistry, and good execution, it's just that ideation... well who would want this stuff on their body? Unsurprisingly, we fully support memes, and do quite a bit of distributing them. A good meme can be funny, but as with the sway of time memes come and go. They lose their freshness, their relevance, and the societal forces driving their humor. So when put into tattoo form? Let's just say they don't always age that well.
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