30 Tips That May Save Your Life One Day

Human beings, for all our many virtues, are not always the best at staying alive. Aside from the fact that we were born as squishy, easily-punctured meatbags of blood without any of the armor, talons or inches-thick skin that some of our other animal companions flaunt, we tend to do stupid things.

Sometimes, in the back of our minds, we're dimly aware that what we're doing is less than wise. Other times, however, we simply have no idea how dumb we're being when we keep our toaster next to the bathtub for a few slices of late-night bath toast. Information is what kept us alive in the absence of physical gifts, and a lack of information can cost us dearly.

Down below is a collection of handy tips that just might be what keeps your mortal soul tethered to this earthly plane one day.
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