30 Too True Memes and Relatable Things We All Experience

Take a break from the day and zone out with this relatable batch of funny memes that ring a little too true for many of us. If there is one thing we take pride in knowing around here it is finding the humor in our collective suffering. So if you're taking life too seriously, stop and look at these memes from people who have mastered the art of not caring.

These relatable memes or humorous observations if you will are about things that are common situations most people may experience at some point or another during their lives. These simple truths ring universal in most cases and besides providing some laughs and a distraction for a few moments, it can also remind us how we are all connected and suffering through things so we should cut each other some slack. From work to parenting, dating to school, sports to gaming, these funny memes may speak the truth and be too hard to argue with.

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