30 Youtube Comments That Are Better Than The Video

It is not an outlandish statement to say that quite a few YouTube videos absolutely suck. Now some are absolutely fantastic, and those should be applauded, but quite a few are not. For those, we must look elsewhere for amusement, and as with so many other forms of media, we do so by turning to the comments.

A unique part of YouTube is the absolutely vast array of content that can be found, covering any and all things video, from professionally made TV, films, and animation, to the the most crappy of sh*t posting, and YouTube poops or worse. Some videos involve people and "creators" (let us use that term loosely for this particular group I'm discussing), doing absolute nothingness or nonsensical things, with idiotic followers only supporting behavior more apt for an asylum. The only avenue left for us to combat the downfall of YouTube is our voice on the platform in the form of comments, and these people did just that.
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