59 Dank Memes and Funny Tweets Fresh From the Vine

Memes, here, get 'yer memes here! Oh hello traveler, you look tired? Feeling a little weary from the road? Or perhaps you have had a long week during your journey to get to the glorious weekend? Slaying the job monsters during the week can take its toll on you. Why not have a seat and relax and rest your tired body? I have an eclectic selection of wares for you. These were hand picked from the great vault of memes in the land of the interweb. There is a wide variety of humor contained within. To enhance these dank delicacies I've sprinkled some magical tweets from the land of the little blue birdie. But be forewarned traveler, ingest these at your own risk of peril! All items are sold as-is, no warranty expressed or implied!

So relax and enjoy this fine collection of hilarious tweets, funny memes, and pics to give you a couple of laughs.
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