31 Fresh Pics And Memes That Are Juicy Like A Steak

The internet is a vast wasteland — a lawless and dank one — with a constantly growing ecosystem of the bizarre and the WTF. It's a wild land. It is, metaphorically speaking,  the supermassive black hole at the heart of our dankness-galaxy. Truly, the internet is  quite likely the dankest item that has ever been created by human hands and has been released onto the earth to serve as a foundation for our shared library of dankness.

And that's a good thing because without the constant infusion of dank memes to keep us amused and distracted from deadlines, work would be terribly dull and unproductive. Imagine all the things we'd get done, the diseases we could have cured without all this dankness to lead us astray. It would be awful. Things would so be so orderly and productive. And nobody wants that, historically speaking.

So make sure to kick back and laugh those pesky deadlines away with yet another lineup of danker-than-dank makes to keep in your dank bank.
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