31 WTF Tattoos to Make You Think Before You Ink

Tattoos can be a beautiful thing; working with the most difficult canvas of any artistic medium, tattoo artists train for years to give their clients the imagery they want to be emblazoned on their skin forever. And many times that hard work pays off, with some awesome ink and happy clients who leave confident that the work they've chosen to have embedded in their skin will stand the test of time.

And then there are these people. Those that perhaps could've used a little extra "thinking time" before pulling the trigger on some forever-ink. While art is ultimately subjective, and we can't prove that these are some of the worst, weirdest and most WTF tattoos seen in a long time, we can certainly let you be the judge.

So scroll, friends. Scroll and wince, looking upon their works with despair. And, just remember, that it can always, always be worse.
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