31 Times Instagram Failed When It Came To Reality

Instagram. The platform where you reveal yourself as either an interesting person with a genuine skill or hobby that you take seriously or as the bland, superficial vase of a human being you worry everyone suspects you to be. There really is no hiding on social media. You can pretend, sure, but oftentimes that facade is all too visible to onlookers.

Huge celebrities pay real money to professional photo retouchers to carefully manicure their appearance to the world -- pushing here, pulling there to "enhance" the reality of their proportions and appearances. Non-huge non-celebrities, however, tend to fly solo and jump into the Photoshop arena alone. And without any skill.

Look at just how cringe, WTF and downright insane some of these "instagrammers" and wannabe influencers are when their idiocy writes checks their Photoshop skills can't cash. Careful though, if you were planning to sleep tonight you may want to rethink your decision to scroll. It's going to get weird.
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