24 Times Instagrammers Got a Hefty Dose of Reality

Social media is a great way for honest people to appear extremely boring and for liars to flex their fibbing muscles, living vicariously through people living vicariously through them in a strange, roundabout ouroboros of pure cringe.

Why not snap a pic of your sh*tty ham sandwich and present as something of an accomplishment? Why wouldn't spend money to rent a fake first class airplane seat to stock up on several months' worth of "material?" Why do anything real anymore? Fake food, fake boobs, fake news -- heck, VR's made some enormous strides in recent years too and that's only a good thing, right?

Why climb a mountain when you could just as easily photoshop yourself atop the peak clad in bikini armor -- you get the same amount of clout as if you had triumped over the slopes all the same. Why spend years learning a valuable skill that contributes to society when you could just as easily learn how to monetize catering to the reptile brain jerking off and eating bags of Reese's Cups in the bottommost basement layer of the human psyche instead?

Angry fist-shaking at clouds aside, if you are going to lie, at least have the decency to commit to it. Put the work in. Take some time to learn the skills necessary to give people the lie they log in for. This is just embarrassing.
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