49 Fire Tweets that are Bringing the Heat

Twitter can be a great place to keep up with current events, local news, your favorite bands, musicians, artists, and more. It is also home to a plethora of funny posts, memes, photos, and everything else in between. The 140 character count can be tricky for some people to navigate and this has resulted in a sort of evolutionary process for short-form comedy. Memes kind of have a way of skirting around the character limit as most of them have the text directly on the images themselves, essentially bypassing the pesky word count.

Take a few minutes for yourself today to give your mind a break from work, school, family drama, or whatever you have going on in this chaotic existence. There are plenty of funny, savage, dank, and WTF memes below so get to scrolling and give your humor center a little workout and flex those laughter muscles as you scroll your way to enjoyment.
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