31 Wholesome Pics To Give You The Feels

Sometimes the seemingly endless cycle of crises, bad news and misfortune can get you down. And it's kind of supposed to -- that's how headlines work. The snappier, more alarming, more adrenaline-inducing it is, the more urgently you're going to click on it or stick around to hear about it. Because we've incentivized the news to operate this way, we get a picture of a nigh-dystopian world hanging by the thread.

But, in reality, the world is by most metrics a pretty decent place. Sure, there's always something terrible happening somewhere. And there is always a crisis of some sorts right around the corner. But the between-things -- the small things that people do -- are the individual blocks that make the elaborate lego-sculpture that is your life.

Open your eyes to the goodness of the world and remember that life is, it really truly is, a wonderful thing. Down below is a collection of uplifting news and wholesome tidbits to keep you going and refresh that perspective of yours.
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