30 Memes Our Moms Didn't Want Us Buying

"We have memes at home," she said. But we all know what that means, and we'll be damned if we're accepting that so we bought these dank memes anyway.

That's how she convinced us to give up on a trip to those sweet, sweet golden arches (I'm only talkin' about McDonald's *chorus girls: Then we can dig it!*) only to come home and realize her idea of 'cheeseburgers' was slabs of fried bologna covered in Velveeta. I won't lie, it WAS really good in that "wow this is so bad yet so good" kind of way. Fried bologna sounds bad, and it is bad, but it's also f--king good.

Another time she said we had Transformers toys at home and then revealed that she meant the actual, municipal electric transformer box just outside our house. You know what. I'm just now realizing that we grew up dirt poor. I'm sorry Mom, you honestly did great considering the circumstances.
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