32 Fails From People Who Had One Job

To make life easier, there are many jobs that don't require much in the way of critical thought. Sometimes, these jobs really boil down to just one thing. So when people manage to screw up that one thing, it's really a whole new level of facepalm. Here are 31 people who only had one job, but still managed a way to screw it up anyhow.

Some tasks are harder than others. For example, making a peanut butter and jelly sandwich would be a fairly simple task. Designing and building a rocket to take humans into space and then return them safely, that might be a bit more complicated. Something like finding a girlfriend borders on the realms of impossibility, but then that's not what we're asking these people here to do. No, we are asking them to do their one simple job and they failed. Here are 31 examples of the handy-work of those people.
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