30 Things People Saw That They Wont Forget

The Earth was, for a long time, a relatively predictable place. Millions of years would go by with either the same single-cell organisms working hard to eat one another or larger, more complex life trying it's hardest to eat each other. Plants trying not to be eaten, fruit praying to be eaten -- the cycle of things eating each other encouraging life to find new ways to eat life or prevent being eaten by scarier, pointer life.

And then we rode into town with our opposable thumbs and our fire and an insatiable urge to stack things on top of each other and got to eating. Eating all kinds of life. We ate and ate, until we couldn't eat anymore and, with all our newfound free time, doubled down on the stacking of things until that became a little mundane.

And with all these things stacked and melted and all that food, we started looking for new ways to simply "pass the time" and make our journey to end of our mortal coil a little more enjoyable. And that's what we're doing here: using all the things we managed to stack together to share with each other the ways we're passing the time and having a little fun.

Down below is a stunning series of sights that other multicellular bundles of sentient meat saw, inducing fattier portions of their meat to excrete neurotransmitters that made the meat feel good, and encouraged them to share with other self-aware meat.

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