33 Dank Memes to Laugh the Pain Away

Life's tough, sometimes. You never know what it's going to throw at you. We can't control the innumerable variables that give rise to the circumstances of each passing moment. The one thing we can control, the one rock in the river of existence we can cling to, is the general dankness and freshness of our memes.

Memes will be there for you on days good and bad. When your cat runs away and starts a new life with another family, dank memes will be there for you. When your Netflix subscription cancels itself and the CEO of Netflix personally calls to tell you that he hates your face and that he's made it his life mission to ensure you never have access to Netflix again, dank memes will be waiting.

And when you're late for work and your company decides to feed you to Jimothy, the basement-mutant and oldest intern, the dank memes will be by your side.
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