33 'Nice Guys' Who Need to Grow Up

What a bunch of cringe lords.

If you have to actually explain to someone - not just a woman, but ANYONE - that you're a 'nice guy,' then you're definitely NOT. Being nice isn't hard to do, it's basic human decency and it doesn't win you any prizes - it's kind of like walking or s**tting in that you're kinda expected to know how to do it and you don't get applauded for it past the age of three or so.

People like to say that the nice guy always finishes last, or that the nice guy doesn't get the girl, but maybe that's because they're looking at this silly bunch instead of guys who are, you know, actually just going about their business being solid dudes. Because this group is the bunch that give real nice guys a bad rap. How about this: you're not the one who gets to decide if you're a nice guy or not. Other people get to decide that about you. And that's how it should be.
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