34 Daily Observations to Leave You Laughing

We all need memes to get through the day, and we promise this bunch of hand-picked memes are of the highest caliber. King Arthur himself couldn't pull the sword from this meme stone even if he tried.

So if you or a loved one know someone who doesn't have any memes in their life, please do the right thing and send them this gallery so they know what true joy is. Otherwise they're just gonna sit there staring at clouds and eating grass like a cow.

Isn't that what people do when they're away from their phones? Graze like cows in a pasture? When you think about it, that doesn't seem like too bad of a way to spend a day. Let's try it this weekend and see how we feel.

Anyway, these memes aren't gonna be here forever so you better get to scrolling now. Then when you reach the end you gotta go to another page on the site to find more memes. That's just how it works.

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