34 Dank Memes We Keep Stashed in The Woods

There's nothing better, when you're tired and exhausted from a weekend spent being the actual self your soul aspires to be rather than the beaten-down wage-slave the world hammers you into, than good ol' dank meme. The internet is replete with oddities of every sort, some of it fun, much of it WTF, but few things hit the spot when you're bored and out of things to do than said dank meme.

So, for just such occasions when you find yourself aimlessly wandering the internet like someone sleepwalking through the woods, it's prudent to keep a stash of them danker-than-dank memes on hand to whip out and uplift your mood.

This gallery of funny and dank memes were developed inside the recently refurbished meme lab under the Connie's Nail Salon nearby the office. It's been a long time, too long, since we hastily abandoned the meme lab when the experimental meme-matter core grew unstable and nearly ushered in a world of WTF-pics.
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