35 Entitled Karens Spotted in Their Natural Habitat

The wild world we live in has no shortage of people making outrageous demands, or thinking they're owed something. The folks on this list are no exception. Check out these pics of super entitled people that might just make your skin crawl.

The thing about Karens is that they have no right to be angry. There are plenty of people who do, for example those with cancer, those with diagnosed disorders, or those stuck behind people walking just a little too slowly on the sidewalk also dragging a rolling backpack behind them while swinging it back and forth so that nobody can pass them. Karens on the other hand typically come from perfect living situations, lots of money they didn't make for themselves, and yet only their own bitterness to bring them any sort of entertainment in their boring white upper middle class suburban lives. So they turn to taking it all out on some Starbucks employee. And we take it back out on them.
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