43 Saucy Randoms With a Sprinkle of Dank

Another week is here and hopefully you had a nice enjoyable and relaxing weekend. Work, school, and the hustle and bustle of the world are back in full swing but don't let that intimidate or worry you. There will be plenty of time to meet that deadline, finish that paper or project, so don't let the anxiety of all you have to get done creep up on you.

So, that being said I think you should take a few minutes to scroll through this big batch of funny memes, random pics, and clever tweets. Giving yourself a quick morning or mid-day break can be the perfect way to keep your stress levels (or annoyance levels) at a minimum and give your brain a few minutes to settle down. So tab out of whatever you're doing real quick and have a few laughs and let the day know who is really in charge here.
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