35 Funny Pics and Memes to Laugh At

Take a break from the day and have a laugh with us, free of charge. When life hands you memes, you sit back and laugh.

But don't forget to send some memes along to your friends, because it still is the giving season.

What do you want in life? Probably many things. A nicer house, a nicer car, a nicer. couch, and maybe even a nicer wife and life while you're at it. All of those things require more money, and that's something that you just don't have. For that you'd need a better job, which is also something you'd want, but unfortunately is as unattainable as the rest. So in the end, you convince yourself that what you really want is to be happy, and so you almost believe it. But what makes you happy? Laughter, you tell yourself. Laughter. And what makes you laugh? Memes. So here are 35 of them to give you what you want in life.
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