43 WTF Pics that We Demand an Explanation For

People are weird AF and this big batch of WTF photos prove exactly that!

What in the all holy heck is going on? I sure as hell don't know. Do you? I might find it quite surprising if you did, considering all the goings ons in these photos. Are these people dumb? Are they weird? Is there a screw loose? Or are there just extenuating circumstances that prevent any semblance of normalcy from taking place? I might have to go with a big old fashioned, D) All of the above, but as time goes on I hope it can be narrowed down soon. After all, in order to prevent all forms of what the f- in the future, we might have to get the bottom of its creation. In the meantime however, all we can do is take it in, and experience the wtf in all its glory through these pictures.
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