37 of the Most Awesome Randoms You'll See All Day

The internet has a lot of stuff to choose from. Maybe even too much, judging by the state of social media these days. Back in its (glorious) shadow days, the internet was a wilder place, bursting at the seams with the surprising and unexpected. You never knew what you were going to get.

Nowadays, most of the internet is more of the same. A swirling vortex of same-old-same-old eddying around itself. Cringe-inducing quotes, yoga pants and sunsets with some crypto-bro/gym rat stuff thrown into the mix. Or at least it can seem that way. There's actually a whole ton of awesome, funny and cool stuff to park your peepers on, but all the actually good stuff is generally hidden under a thick layer of repetitive, lame old same old.

To combat this, we turn to fun galleries like these -- nice variety packs of funny photos, fun randoms, cool pics and relatively dank memes to enjoy at your leisure. Anyways, are you seriously still reading?
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