Not Another Batch of Absolutely ‘Nope’ Photos

It's safe to say these might creep you out.

If there were Olympic games for the most terrifying chill-inducing photos, these would win the gold medal.

Coming to us from the small town of Nopes-ville, USA these horrifying pics make us squirm in our own skin. They keep us awake at night, and haunt our dreams when we do fall asleep.

We've collected the weird, the wild, and the WTF. Things that crawl, things that slither, and things that stare into your soul. Yeah gas is up over $7/gallon, but these photos are sure to fuel your nightmares for free.

Looking to get back at a friend or sibling for something sh*tty and terrible they did to you? Send them these pics. Have that one person in your family who is absolutely terrified of snakes? Well we've got some ammunition for you. Feel free to use this gallery for whatever you'd like, just know that eBaum's isn't liable for any harm done to the people you freak out with this gallery.
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