36 Radical Randoms Wrangled from the Web

Psssst... hey kid, yeah you! Do you wanna see a premium collection of awesome random pics? These are from the secret stash and may or may not be wanted by law enforcement. You gotta promise not to ell anyone though, I don't want to be giving a bunch of freebies out to people with their hands out. Deal? Okay, bet. Here you go, young traveler.

What are these for you ask? Why to help keep boredom at bay and give you a few moments to zone out and do nothing, of course! Hopefully, these little magic pills in the form of random photos will help you forget about your troubles or mounting work load for a few moments and help you to just cruise through the day with an awesome mix of kickass pics. So get to scrolling and make sure you don't rat me out if you get caught with these, because I've never seen you before in my life!
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