40 Knowledge Nuggets That'll Give Factual Flatulence

Nosh on these tasty trivia tidbits and take a nice long walk afterwards to help digest or you'll get gassy.

As with the first first fact in this fun fact gallery filled with fantastic factual flatulence, you might need to guard against the harmful gasses such ferocious fact foraging could find. And while some gasses can be good, laughing gas and water vapor come to mind, there are quite a few that are less than ideal. Farts being one option, and the aforementioned carbon monoxide from fact number one. While the carbon monoxide comes from a flame thrower, factual flatulence comes like normal flatulence, after an overconsumption of any given type of nutrients. Facts being a nutrient for your brain are good, but an overconsumption might lead to fact farts. These farts, while good for trivia, might not be for normal social interactions. So enter at your own risk, because this gallery certainly is equipped to whip up some fact gas.

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