40 Fun Pics to Stow Inside Your Apocalypse Go Bag

Our wonderfully weird little planet has certainly seen some sh*t. From watching single-celled organisms eat each other to become fish crawling onto land for food and morphing into lizards and primates all the way to Jake Paul and the Island Boys, it's been one hell of a ride thus far. And even if all becomes reduced to irradiated wasteland later, there's still plenty of reason to smile.

While the headlines can certainly get you down, it is of the utmost importance to -- every now and then -- shut all that noise out and focus on the good, weird, random, little things in our immediate vicinity. Because, seriously, you never know what you're going to find. And, more often than not, you'll be rewarded with something cool or interestingly WTF when you do.

So, go ahead and take a scroll through the weird and wonderfully random slices of life we have stacked up down below. And, after that, maybe go for a walk and, well, see what you see.
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