40 Dank Memes Spitting Truth Like Fire

It's hard to find the truth in today's world. We've got so much going on all the time, so many people and entities clamoring for our attention and trying to sell us something that truth feels like a hard thing to come by online. These days at least.

That said, there's plenty of reasons to remain hopeful. The memes down below are... remarkably human. They know you. THey feel your pain and know your troubles. They don't skirt around the truth; they tell it like it is. And it's important for a society's health to ensure its memes, at least, contain kernels of truth.

Because it's true. A retired ship captain who had traveled the world and come back with only eight fingers and a gold tooth once told me that, of all the things he'd learned throughout his travels across the earth, the most important was this: the moment you can no longer meme accurately is the moment all becomes lost.
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