38 Pics Yank'd From the Realm of the Internet

Relax and get your daily dose of internet funnies. There are a lot of pictures on the internet, and these ones were yanked from one spot on the internet to another, as most if not all internet pictures are, with the explicit goal of your viewing pleasure. While it is not hard to find pictures on the internet, not is it much more difficult to find pictures worth seeing on the internet, it take a bit of time to sort through the masses, and find 38 good ones that might be suitable for a good laugh or evoking an emotion of some kind. That's why you come to a place like this instead of the broader interwebs, because we have done that work for you, and for whatever reason you trust us to do it more or less. You're welcome, and we hope you enjoy this collection of 38 pictures we pulled from other parts of the internet to feature here.
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