41 Fresh Pics Packed To The Brim With Cool

These memes and fresh pics pics are so cool. No really, they're ice cap cool. Arctic jungle cool. Top of the north pole, bottom of the south pole where all of the unreleased diseases are cool. That ice water you get from a big chain restaurant in the big plastic cups filled with ice that make the super satisfying tapping sound against the side of the cup and you drink with a straw so the cool goes straight to your soul kind of cool.

The kind of cool when you drink a 7-11 slurpie but you drink it too fast so it gets all over your bottom teeth and upper mouth causing brain freeze so you literally shake as your body hurts with all the coolness. These fresh pics and memes are overflowing that kind of coolness, packed tightly to the brim for your viewing enjoyment. Just don't end up frozen afterwords.
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