41 Memes and Pics Dug up From the Dungeon of Dankness

Well here we are, halfway through another week, and most of us could use a little break or at least a few moments to zone out and do nothing so your brain can try and decompress a little bit. Work and school can leave you feeling a little overwhelmed and under apprecaited so why not slack off are a few moments.

Are you tired of having to look at lame-ass randoms? Are you sick of Will Smith memes? So done with Amber Heard? Then you must be a sophisticated connoisseur of random imagery. This gallery is full of museum-quality pics, memes, and tweets that are on par with your superior palate. We all like free stuff.

That's why I'm offering you these premium and exclusive random pics, GIFs, and memes to enjoy absolutely free of charge. You might be asking yourself, "What's the catch"? Well, friend, there is no catch. Just me giving you free stuff to look at. You're welcome.
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