43 Choice Randoms For Your Weekly Pleasure

Life is random. Life is chaotic. Life is, sort of like a box of chocolates, going to throw the unexpected at you more often than not. Actually, considering the fact that most boxes of chocolate actually stipulate pretty clearly exactly what you're going to get, it's arguable that life is very much unlike a box of chocolates in that you never know what's around the corner.

And that's kind of the spice of life. The variety. The unexpected. A lot of us miss out on the small things because we're caught up in the big, overarching things. The headlines. The deadlines. The doomscrolling. But some of us, the good samaritans among us, find ways to stop and smell the roses.

And thanks to those good people who remember to snap a pic or write something down, the rest of us get to experience it in our own way. Thanks to them, we have galleries like the one down below that provide a nice batch of fun randoms for us to sip from when we're bored.
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