40 Memes That Are Just Too Good To Be True

Memes that are funny and smart and cool just like me and you. So, if these memes are even half as amazing as you think you are, then let's just say we are all in for a big treat.

One golden rule in life is anything that seems like its to good to be true, probably is but you'll do it anyways because you're too curious for your own good. That and there is no such thing as free lunch, except when your boss decides to be magnanimous and splurge for McDonalds.

Sometimes I look back and think, if only Bikini Bottom was real. I could chow down on some Krabby Patties and everything would be ok. While we can't live under the sea, we can at least appreciate how accurate some of these Spongebob memes are. Or if you just need to get your laugh on, these hilarious Spongebob classics will be perfect.
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