40 Adult Themed Memes for Your Lowbrow Sense of Humor

In this selection of very spicy and borderline obscene memes, nothing is off-limits, so you're damn near certain to chuckle and possibly have your jimmies rustled. These funny and dank memes will appeal to your more x-rated tastes...or perhaps they may make you reconsider your sense of humor!

As the weekend approaches (or perhaps has already come by the time you read this), why not unwind and relax a little? The week's woes are coming to an end, and don't worry, we'll be back to the same drab routine on Monday morning. Put things out of your mind for a few moments, whether it's school, work, or the turmoil and unpredictability of the world, because a) they're not going away, and b) you need a breather and some peace and quiet. So grab a snack or a drink of choice and forget about the rest of the world, even if just for a few moments.

So enjoy a spicy collection of funny and relatable memes for those who don't mind a dirty joke or two.
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