44 Choice Randoms For Your Weekly Pleasure

The world is an interesting place -- if you're willing to introduce yourself, that is. Caught up with the daily grind, sucked into the rate race, we get too preoccupied with the hedonic treadmill and forget to reacquaint ourselves with our weird and wonderful world every now and then. And it's a shame because you never know what you'll find when you stop to finally smell those roses you've been walking past.

That's when something like a big ol' batch o' inexplicable randoms comes in handy. A cool and interesting cross section of the mixed bag of fun our world has stashed for us, just waiting for you to take a peek. So, next time you're bored or suffocating under a wet blanket of crippling monotony, make sure to walk on by this thick, fat stack of random for your viewing pleasure.

And don't forget that there's always more where that came from; if our world's good for anything, it's for producing the unexpected. I mean, look at us.
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