44 Fascinating Photos For a Cross-Section of Cool

Sometimes we just get bored; we get caught up in the monotony of the daily grind and, by day's end, are content to just switch off. We forget that there's a whole world of fun people overflowing with dankness and creativity out there.

That's why we send our unpaid interns out on monthly trips to the treacherous, blazing hot slopes of Mount Random to procure for you some fun pics and cool randoms. Because you work hard enough -- and they don't. You deserve to kick back at day's end and enjoy yourself a fun and relatively awesome snapshot to take the edge off.

So, next time you're driving home and listening mindlessly to your second-favorite podcast or falling back into your couch with another long sigh, ready to just blank out, snap the f**k out of it and reach over here for a fascinating photo or two to get your horizons expanding again.
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