40 Fun Photos to Enjoy Irresponsibly

Time is a finite commodity. A year seems endless when you're a kid; as an adult, you blink and half a decade has passed. Everyone tries to get the most out of each day, but we are, regrettably, only human. Only one human, to be precise.

We'd all rather spend our time experiencing everything the world has to offer, but many of us are also foodies. And huge fans of having rooves over our heads and maybe some clothes on our back. As a result, rather than exploring the many strange mysteries of the world, we spend much of our time tending to our bodily requirements.

That, my friends, is where a large stack of randoms comes in handy. A lovely, widely-cast net dragged through the internet to exhibit all the bizarre, strange, and fantastic things happening throughout the world — all available at your fingertips. So, the next time you're rushing to meet a deadline or hiding from your boss, check out the fun pics below for a daily dose of random.
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