Monday Morning Randomness User Edition - Broncofan

Awe sh*t, here we go again...The week has come full circle and we are back in the midst of another mundane Monday. Hopefully, you had a great weekend and got some relaxing done in between doing yard work, chores, running errands, and everything else you have to get done when you get a day off. With another Monday comes another long week of grinding your way through work and no one really looks forward to that, at least not anyone who is being honest with themselves. But don't let the fact that you're out here trading hours for dollars get you down, because sneaking a peek at some memes on company time is just one of those little satisfying "victories" of sticking it to the man.

So before you dive in head first into the week, come check out this awesome group of pics, memes, tweets and more, chosen for the most sophisticated connoisseurs of random imagery.
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