53 Boredom Bashing Pics That Are the Enemy of Mundane

Well hello there! What's a matter little fella? Boredom got you backed into a corner? None of your favorite shows, movies or video games sound like fun at the moment? Do you feel like you have seen everything this big wide world of ours has to offer? Well, don't let it get you all bummed and stressed out. Like almost everything else in life, this too shall pass. Perhaps something to break the routine is just what you need. Sometimes things in life are so repetitive, that you feel like you are stuck in a rut. Maybe, just maybe, with a wish, a hope, and prayer, a distraction in the form of random pics could do the trick! Let's break the spell of boredom and the chains of mundane

So strap yourself in (or on) and kick your feet up as you enjoy a big collection of random pics and photos to help keep you entertained and amused.
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