47 Fun Photos to Spice Up the Day

You never know what you're going to need when boredom comes a-knocking. There are numerous ways to keep that crippling monotony at bay -- be it dank memes, fun pics, randoms, unspeakable acts of cringe or a bizarre clip of some sort, there are a million different ways to keep things fresh while cruising through the internet.

That said, with the sheer amount of content online, it should come as little surprise that it's all too easy to become paralyzed by choice. After all, with so much available at your fingertips, where do you direct your attention? The answer, in many cases, is to enjoy a wide cross-section of cool like the one down below.

So, next time you're unsure of where to click, remember that a big ol' batch of randoms is always a good place to start. Because when you're not sure what to choose, sometimes the best choice is to not choose at all. Enjoy.
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